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People all over the World are improving their PCOS Naturally WITHOUT dieting or restricting foods by tapping into the power of their emotional health...

Most PCOS Programs only talk about diet.

“Eat this, not that” they say.

“Avoid this food, or that food” or even an entire GROUP of foods...

And I’m sure you’re SICK and TIRED of trying to NOT eat certain things.

How many times have you tried to NOT eat sugar, or NOT eat carbs or gluten?!

Well we’re sick of it too.

Hi! We're Angela and Stephanie, the authors of the PCOS Workbook, and we're here to help!


Designed with Your COMPLETE Health in Mind

There’s more to you than just the food you eat – and that’s exactly why we’ve developed a program that explores your COMPLETE health– mind and body – and yes, we address Nutrition – but in a healthy way using a Health At Every Size© approach.

Do you find that you’re left wondering...

What do I even eat anyway? There’s so much conflicting advice – how do I decide what’s best for MY body?

  • Why can’t I “stick to” any diet plan? I lose weight when I try one, but then I gain it all back – what gives?
  • Why can’t I stop eating my feelings? Why do I eat when I feel emotional every time – and how come I can’t stop myself?
  • Why am I so frustrated with myself – with PCOS, my weight and my body? How come nothing works for me?
  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • Why do I feel so ashamed of my body and my behavior?

The truth is this: There is NOTHING wrong with YOU.

There IS something wrong with all of the advice you’ve been given.The truth is this: There is NOTHING wrong with YOU. We’re here to set the record straight.




The first course of its kind to combine a supportive approach for both Mind and Body with proven results, brought to you by the authors of The PCOS Workbook, Angela Grassi, MS, RDN and Stephanie Mattei Psy.D

Fuel Your Body

Finally learn how to fuel your body in a sustainable way without having to give up your favorite foods. Develop a healthier relationship with food and your body. Never diet again!

Take Control

Improve your mental health and well-being. Take control over your PCOS symptoms. Learn to improve sleep, stress, and exercise. 

Get Support

Be a member of a like-minded supportive community. Get the encouragement you need to see results from instructors who CARE!

The problem with most programs is they don’t address the WHOLE you.

They just throw a diet at you and hope that you’ll get better – that won’t work. In fact – we want you to DITCH DIETING for GOOD. With PCOS COMPLETE – you'll NEVER have to diet again.


This is the perfect time to take back your health.

What People are Saying

"PCOS Complete was a great way to connect with others going through the same delicate situation that I am. I felt the video's and handouts for each session were very valuable and gave me more insight on what was going on with my own body. Angela and Stephanie were amazing resources and were there for us every step of the way with encouraging words and offering resources. Thank you to both of you!" -Kiersten, PCOS Complete Member

About the Program

A Revolutionary Mind Body Approach to Sustainable Health

 Brought to you by psychology professor Dr. Stephanie Mattei and PCOS nutrition expert and educator Angela Grassi, the authors of The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health, PCOS COMPLETE™ is based on a proven protocol to help you take control over your mental and physical health if you have PCOS. 

PCOS COMPLETE™ provides a non-diet approach to managing PCOS and creating sustainable lifestyle changes. In this step-by-step program, you will learn how to:, you will finally be able to:


  • Feed your body in a way that makes you feel energized and satisfied without restricting or eliminating foods
  • Learn Discover how food can improve have a lasting impact on your health
  • Identify your emotional triggers that cause you to grab for comfort foods
  • Apply science-backed tools to cope with the challenges of emotional eating
  • Regulate your cycles or even achieve a regular 28-32 day cycle EVERY month
  • Get your period back if it’s gone missing
  • Manage the stress in your life without having to cut things out of your life that are important to you
  • Improve your sleep – and achieve the amount of sleep that helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day
  • Become the type of person who is more mindful with your eating and mindfully reflects on each moment of her life, whether eating or doing anything else at all life
  • Release years of body shame, food shame and insecurities that have been holding you back emotionally and physically from living your healthiest life
  • Challenge shame, body image myths and insecurities
  • Recognize if you have a mood or eating disorder 
  • Overcome obstacles to becoming more physically active
  • Focus on your emotional health
  • Get closer to living the life you want to live!

This program is focused on teaching you the skills and tools needed to develop a healthier relationship with food and your body, and cope with the challenges of PCOS. This is for somebody who doesn’t have the time or funds to commit to weekly therapy or nutrition appointments but wants to get maximum learning.


  • Understanding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

We start out our course by helping you understand what PCOS is really all about and how it impacts YOU. We’ll educate you on the different types of hormones and what you can do to get them more balanced.  Learn about insulin and inflammation, how they interact and what you can do to better manage them.  Get empowered to take charge of your medical care to achieve your best health. And lastly, learn why diets don’t work for PCOS, but what does!

  • What Causes PCOS?
  • What Exactly is PCOS
  • Inflammation: Fuel to the Fire
  • How is PCOS Diagnosed?
  • Beyond PCOS: Other Medical Conditions
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Medications
  • Why Diets Don’t Work for PCOS and what does


  • Nutrition for PCOS

This lesson is all about nutrition and how it affects PCOS. Learn how to separate the nutrition myths from facts and clear up all the confusion you have about how to eat for PCOS. We’ll help you identify and challenge your food beliefs and create a more balanced approach to eating for YOUR PCOS. This lesson also discusses nutritional supplements that can help with the different aspects of your PCOS.

  • Examining Your Food Beliefs
  • What Are You Eating?
  • How Food Affects PCOS
  • The Whole Truth: Shopping for Whole Grains and Reading Food Labels
  • PCOS Food Myths
  • Balance It Up!
  • It’s Time for a Nutrition Makeover! 
  • The Scoop on Nutritional Supplements for PCOS     


  •  Mindlfulness and Mindful Eating

In lesson three we discuss the concept of mindfulness and the importance of being mindful for your emotional and physical health. We will introduce you to eating mindfully as well, so you can incorporate this practice into your daily routine. We will help you to identify emotional and mindless eating and then teach you how to be more mindful and self-trusting with food.

  • What is mindfulness really?
  • Why mindfulness is important for PCOS
  • Mindfulness is not just relaxation
  • Learn how to pay attention to the food you eat and the purpose it serves
  • Hunger vs. satisfaction vs. fullness
  • Exploring Hunger and Fullness Through Journaling
  • Tips for Being a More Mindful Eater 
  • How to cope with emotions without using food
  • Case studies
  • Dealing with loved ones/setting boundaries with food


  • Sleep and Exercise

This lesson is dedicated to sleep and exercise. Learn why you need it and how sleep—and the lack of it—affects PCOS. We’ll help you identify your struggles with sleep and how to develop better sleep hygiene so you can finally feel rested and energized.

  • How Much Sleep Do You Need?       
  • The Different Types of Sleep
  • Factors That Affect Sleep
  • Insomnia help
  • Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Part 2: PCOS and Exercise

  • What’s in the Way?
  • Barriers and Feelings About Exercise
  • The Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Exercise Recommendations 
  • Discovering Enjoyable Activities
  • Tips for Staying Motivated    


  • PCOS and Stress

Lesson 5 is all about stress. It will walk you through identifying what “stressors” are in your life, explain how stress affects your body, and offer techniques to proactively handle the stressors in your life.

We discuss how exercise benefits people with PCOS. It’s here that we will challenge your resistance to or beliefs about exercise and help you overcome barriers and incorporate physical activity into your life.

  • Discovering your beliefs about stress
  • What Happens When You’re Stressed Out?
  • How Stress Affects PCOS
  • Advice for the Stressful Life 
  • Intervene in the Stress Response at the Physical Level


  • Body Image and PCOS

Lesson 6 tackles the topic of body image and shame with PCOS. We will help you sort out the thoughts that interfere with living a more fulfilling life and then help you recognize the wonderful things your body has to offer.

  • What is Body Image
  • Negative Body Image and the Myths
  • Shame and body image
  • Birth of the Body Image Myth           
  • Challenging the Body Image Myths
  • Appreciating the Body You Have       
  • Notice the “Everything” about Your Body


  • Mental Health, Eating disorders and PCOS

In lesson 7 we address the issues affecting mental health. Here you will learn why people with PCOS are at an increased risk of mood or eating disorders. We explain the different types of these disorders, help you to identify if you have one, and provide you with effective tools for managing them.

  • Why Mood Disorders Are Common in PCOS
  • 3 important types of mood disorders: anxiety, depression, eating disorders
  • Anxiety- what is worry and how is it different than a disorder
  • Mood- what’s an emotion (sad) loneliness and what’s depression.  Prevalence rates of bipolar.
  • Disordered relationship with food- binge eating, bulimia, anorexia – how carb cravings/mindless eating/ body image/ stress and disconnection impact the risk for ED
  • Do you have a mood disorder?
  • When to seek treatment?

Setting up for Success

To help you have continued success to thrive with PCOS, we conclude our program with helping you establish your personal goals for the future. Identify your perceived obstacles and challenges that may get in the way of moving forward with all the great information you learned about yourself over the past 7 weeks.


This Highly Supportive, 8-Week Guided Program Includes:

8 Weekly video modules (watch at a time convenient for you)  


  • Collection of mindfulness recordings
  • Weekly support with a therapist ($4000 Value) and registered dietitian nutritionist ($3000 Value)
  • PCOS Complete Course Workbook
  • Access to The PCOS Educational Handout Library Vault (used in practice with 1 on 1 clients)
  • Membership to the PCOS COMPLETE™ Community Group 
  • Sample menus 


About the Instructors

Dr. Stephanie Mattei and Angela Grassi first met when they were working at an eating disorders treatment facility where they co-lead an intensive outpatient program. Seeing a rise in eating disorders among the PCOS population led them to develop a successful monthly PCOS support group in the Philadelphia area, where they focused on helping patients improve their physical and mental health and overcome problematic eating. From this group experience they created The PCOS Workbook, a bestselling book to help people take control over PCOS. With over 40 years of combined experience treating PCOS and eating disorders, Angela and Stephanie are thrilled to bring you PCOS COMPLETE™, a revolutionary online program, proven to improve the mental and physical health and eating problems of people living with PCOS.

About Angela

Angela Grassi, MS, RDN, LDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist and the founder of the PCOS Nutrition Center where for over 20 years she has been providing evidence-based nutrition information and coaching to women with PCOS. Angela is the author of several books on PCOS including The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health and The PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook: 100 Easy & Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Beat PCOS.  Angela provides nutrition education to registered dietitians and health care professionals through her book, PCOS: The Dietitians Guide and her Online PCOS Training Course for Dietitians. Recognized by Today’s Dietitian as one of the Top 10 Incredible Dietitian’s making a difference, Angela is a past recipient of the Ricardo Azziz PCOS Challenge Advocacy Leadership Award, the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award, the Award in Excellence in Practice in Women’s Health and the Award for Excellence in Graduate Research from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, The Androgen Excess Society, Dietitians in Functional and Nutritional Medicine and Women’s Health. Angela is an adjunct professor at West Chester University and conducts research on PCOS and eating patterns. She lives with her husband and two sons outside of Philadelphia.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Mattei, Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychology professor who earned her doctoral degree from La Salle University in 2003 and has been instructing and supervising doctoral students ever since.   Stephanie is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and is one of the few clinicians in the state of Pennsylvania to have earned DBT certification through the Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC) as well as DBT-PE training.


Stephanie is the co-founder of the Center for Acceptance and has a particular interest in treating patients with PCOS and those who meet criteria for bipolar disorder, engage in suicidal thoughts/experiences and who struggle with Eating Disorders, trauma and relationship distress. Stephanie has used the knowledge she obtained while starting and supporting a therapy practice by also being a consultant to many area psychotherapy practices who are looking to adopt a DBT program or add DBT principles to their practice.


Stephanie is the co-author of The PCOS Workbook and is actively involved in the study and treatment of PCOS. Stephanie's biggest inspiration for learning and treating PCOS is her most beloved PCOS patient, her daughter.  She and her daughter live with this diagnosis every day and have struggled through the trials and tribulations of getting an accurate diagnosis, testing various supplements, seeking effective and appropriate care for mood, endocrine and dermatology as well as working on balance of stress, sleep and life.   

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"The PCOS complete program lovingly "forces" you to take a good long hard look at yourself and where you are. This is a program that addresses every aspect of PCOS and not just the common infertility/TTC aspect. I appreciated that as someone who is not trying to get pregnant. I especially enjoyed learning more about stress, sleep, body image, and anxiety/mental issues associated with PCOS. "

Leigh Anne
PCOS Complete(TM) Member

Frequently Asked Questions

The PCOS COMPLETE™ program is not anti-weight loss but it is anti-pursuit of weight loss. Some of our patients do notice their clothes fitting better when adopting the lifestyle skills in our program while others do not. Remember, there are other ways to measure health other than a number on a scale. You will not be asked to "weigh-in" or check your weight during our 8-week program.

Absolutely not! This is a NO GUILT ZONE where ALL foods fit and NO food is off limits – there is absolutely NO DIETING here in our program!

PCOS COMPLETE is a novel new program. While some of the topics in the program are also covered in The PCOS Workbook, PCOS COMPLETE provides a very intimate and more expansive approach to taking control over your physical and emotional health. Not to mention the opportunity to have live WEEKLY support from a registered dietitian and therapist and a like-minded community for support.

We hear you! And chances are all those diets and programs you did only got you worse off-with your weight, your symptoms, and your emotional health. PCOS COMPLETE offers a sustainable and proven approach to address your mental and physical health so you will never have to sign up for another diet again! A serious question to ask yourself is what will your life be like if you don’t join us?

Yes, we have a variety of different meal plans and recipes available in the course. One of the meal plans includes gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

Absolutely! If you are currently under the care of a therapist, registered dietitian or other health care provider, we would encourage you to continue working with him or her. Many self-discovery or ah-ha moments may be noticed in our program which you can then share and further process with your providers.

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